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Logo in the shape of a diamond biscuit tin, with a ribbon going across it. At the top, two pencils crossed. Biscuit Tin Comics written across.

Hi there! We are the Biscuit Tin Comics Collective and we love to create stories and worlds.


Flo's biscuit logo: green pencil poking through a chocolate digestive biscuit.

Hi! My name is Flo (they/them) and I'm a comic artist/illustrator based in Leeds. My work focuses mainly on queer stories and imagined worlds, though I enjoy experimenting with new things!


Hello! Im Ivy and I’m a Leeds based illustrator and comic artist. I enjoy working on adventurous queer stories, and often my characters are autistic like I am! I’m currently working on a range of stories in both traditional and digital mediums, as well as my ongoing webcomic ‘Souvenir’ that I work on with my comics partner Flo.

Ivy's biscuit logo: a dark purple pencil poking through a bourbon biscuit.


Aiden's biscuit logo: a pink pencil poking through a ginger snaps biscuit.

Howdy! I'm Aiden (he/him) and I'm an Irish comic/concept artist based in London. You will find a lot of queer stories in my work, with a leaning towards fantasy and supernatural! I love playing with textures and colours in my work the most!


Hi there! My name is Celeste (they/them) and I'm an Italian comic and concept artist based in France. I love to explore genres and styles, and I always try to create stories and concepts that play with expectations! My work usually ranges anywhere inbetween silly little creatures in wacky situations and exploring existential feelings.

Celeste's biscuit logo: a lilac pencil poking through a canestrello biscuit.
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